Fiber Cement Siding: Durable, Beautiful, Dependable

Drive by a home and you may see what looks like intricate masonry or stunning wood planks but there's something deeper hiding under the surface (and no, it's not termites!). As the seasons change, you'll notice that this home's brick work doesn't crack and the wood doesn't fade or warp.

Introducing Fiber cement sidings the building material of the future.


What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Designed to look like wood clapboard, shingles, brick or stone, fiber cement siding is the of the contracting industry. It is made with wood pulp and Portland cement, so it's incredibly durable and long-lasting. Many architects use fiber cement siding in their designs because of its naturally-styled beauty and longevity.


The Look You Want for Less

When choosing an exterior on your home, you often find that you need to compromise between looks, durability, longevity and upkeep. With fiber cement siding, you can have the look of authentic wood, brick or stone siding at a fraction of the cost of more traditional materials.


Incredible Durability

Fiber cement siding also carries a number of other benefits that its more classical counterparts do not. For example, it is impervious to rot and termite damage. It's also highly flame resistant and is often used in areas where brushfires are an ever-present danger. Because it won't fade over time, it's also the perfect base for painting residential and commercial buildings.


Trust the Professionals

Many homeowners are inclined to approach fiber cement siding installation the same way they might want to handle vinyl siding or other types of exteriors by doing it themselves. However, owing to its extreme durability, fiber cement siding planks are extremely heavy, requiring at least two people to carry, hoist, cut and install them. What's more, if mishandled, fiber cement siding is liable to crack. Specialized tools are needed to install it, so this is a job best left to the professionals.